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Confessions of a Special Needs Mom: Reece & Me (E-Book)

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Parenting can be a challenge, yet having a child with multiple special needs takes immeasurable sacrifice. In “Confessions of a Special Needs Mom,” Trina Nicole candidly shares her trials and triumphs while raising her 16-year-old daughter, Reece. Many busy parents seek moments of silence, but Reece is non-verbal, so Trina has never heard repeated calls of “Mommy,” or rambunctious laughter from her only child. She has also never watched Reece walk, run or jump.

“Confessions of a Special Needs Mom” is permission to explore uncomfortable truths. Poignant moments of anger, frustration and uncertainty are brightened by a wry sense of humor and fierce determination. It is a model for how intentional gratitude, despite dire circumstances, will shape your perspective.

“I want people to feel grateful for the ability to use their voices, for legs without leg spasms, for the ability to live life on their own terms. I hope they will learn to see the person versus the disability.  And grace for themselves and others.  ~ Trina Nicole – Reece’s mom